About the Edsential Grant Fund

As a Community Interest Company, Edsential’s mission is to support improving outcomes for children and young people. The Edsential Grant Fund is the result of the daily efforts of the whole Edsential team to provide high quality, cost effective services to our customers. Because of the hard work of the Edsential team, the Grant Fund will be at least £50,000 each year.

The Edsential board has the sole responsibility for deciding how this fund is distributed in the pursuit of our mission and will use the following principles when assessing grant applications:

  1. It should be something innovative and outside of the scope of core school budgets
  2. It should be focused on children and ideally leave an educational legacy
  3. It should be to the advantage of schools that have contributed to the creation of the fund through the use of Edsential’s services
  4. It should, where practicable, be provided by or commissioned through Edsential

Application Form

All completed application forms should be returned to grantfund@edsential.co.uk

The closing date for applications will be 30th April 2020 and the successful applicants will be notified by 29th May 2020.

How the Edsential Grant Fund is helping schools

Wincham Community Primary School

Wincham were able to use their Grant Fund in 2019 to strengthen relationships with their partner school, Njoro D.E.B Primary School in Kenya.

Birkenhead North Cluster Schools

This cluster of 18 primary schools had a vision to create an interactive app for their pupils to access and record cultural experiences, cross curricular activities and educational visits.

Shocklach Oviatt C of E Primary School

With help from the Edsential Grant Fund, Shocklach pupils were able to make a series of short films - the central theme being ‘making a difference’.

Need help with your application?

Learning Outside the Classroom

Email: bethan.cooper@edsential.co.uk

Telephone: 07710 707 125

Health & Wellbeing

Email: carl.sutton@edsential.co.uk

Telephone: 07710 706 177


Email: tracy.moore@edsential.co.uk

Telephone: 07710 707 094

Music & The Arts

Email: cate.madden@edsential.co.uk

Telephone: 07710 706 194

Curriculum & School Improvement

Email: gaby.crolla@edsential.co.uk

Telephone: 07710 707 080

Pupil Premium & Disadvantaged Pupils

Email: dave.hollomby@edsential.co.uk

Early Years

Email: jo.williams@edsential.co.uk


Email: nick.mccavish@edsential.co.uk

Telephone: 07710 707 105