DfE Holiday Fund 2019

Holiday Activity Fund Impact Assessment University of Chester 2019

Here are the findings for Holiday Activity Fund Impact Assessment University of Chester 2019

Edsential CIC and Partners (Welcome Network, Cheshire West Voluntary Action and Cheshire West and Chester Council) have been successful in accessing DfE funding to coordinate Holiday Activity and Food Clubs over the summer holiday period in West Cheshire for 2019.  Cheshire West and Chester has 11,680 pupils eligible for Free School Meals and we aim to engage at least 35% or 4035 of those pupils.

The aim is to expand and enhance existing provision to enable groups to meet the requirements, some new provision will be required to enable us to target the volume of young people.Each child should be able to access:

  • 4 days of provision, for at least 4 hours a day for 4 weeks during the summer holiday period 25th July – 30st August 2019 (4x4x4)
  • 60 minutes minimum of physical activity per day
  • A nutritious meal each day that meet the school food standards
  • Nutritional education

Individual and Joint bids would be welcomed to enable the 4x4x4 provision to be met within a desired area, so please apply even if you can only offer 2x2x2 for example, we can work together to create partnerships to ensure we meet the 4x4x4 criteria.

For full details of the grant please have a look at the Application Form.

Application Form

Holiday Grant Fund Application Form 2019


Example of what we will fund:

  • Additional hours/staff
  • Basic equipment (max £1500)
  • Nutritious Food
  • Activity instructors
  • Room hire
  • Transport
  • Residential experiences as part of the 4x4x4
  • Training for staff
  • Awards and badges for childrenThis list is not exhaustive


Frequently Asked Questions

How do we count KS1 children who access Universal Free School Meals?

Children who are eligible for Pupil Premium would be eligible.

Can we apply if we only offer 2x2x2 for example?

Yes – we would encourage everyone to apply and if you cannot build a partnership within your own area, we will look to partner you with another group offering similar provision to make up the 4x4x4. Funding would be distributed to the individual groups still so that you are in control of your own finances.  Please encourage small groups you know to apply.

Why is the food cost capped at £2.30pp?

£2.30 is the rate the DfE pays schools to enable them to provide Universal Infant School Meals, so they have stipulated the same cap.

When will funding be paid to groups?

We anticipate that funding will be paid prior to delivery

Do 35 of the children have to be eligible for free school meals?

35% or 4035 children is the number of eligible free school meals children that we collectively need to target to meet the requirements of the DfE bid (the total number of FSM children in Cheshire West is 11680).

It may be that within your provision 100% of those attending receive free school meals, or it may be only 5% of those attending receive free school meals, it doesn’t matter how many young people attend your provision, it is the contribution to the total target that counts. We do not want to exclude children who do not receive free school meals, but funding will only be available for those in receipt or those deemed in need.

What if we don’t have a tablet to register attendance?

The app is still in the planning stages, the registration will be web based and we hope that the attendance register will also be app based. This will enable is to track children across different provision, so although you have to offer 4x4x4 the child may access two days from you and two somewhere else, the app enables us to record the child as having attended 4x4x4 and will hopefully support us therefore in meeting our target numbers.  This app will allow a paper register to be uploaded once in an appropriate setting. Edsential do have some tablets that we can lend out if groups are really struggling. The site will be cloud based and secure and a data protection policy will be circulated with retention periods prior to the summer holidays.

What if children turn up and aren’t eligible for free school meals?

We would not exclude these children, however you need to be mindful that funding is primarily for children receiving free school meals.

What if children don’t attend?

We will hopefully be receiving applications for existing provision where relationships are already built, so you should have a good indicator of attendance. Where new provision is funded the project co-ordinators will be monitoring closely. All groups will have the option of pre-registering children to give an indication of attention, this may or may not be suitable for your group, but in new provision may be advisable. The situation will be assessed each week and if your provision is not succeeding we may move funds to support another group who is over subscribed.

What if Children don’t attend the full 4 hours?

Some children may not attend the full 4 hours a day provision, however that must be available for them to access. They may just turn up for an hour to get fed and then leave, there is nothing you can do about that, you would mark them in as attending and obviously encourage them to engage.

Useful Information & Dates

  • Grant applications due 6th June 2019, please email these to lotc@edsential.co.uk
  • Grant applications will be allocated week commencing 17th June 2019
  • Groups will be able to book on to the free training sessions online week commencing 27th May 2019, a link will be sent out to all sessions in due course

Top Tips

  • Add salad to sandwiches
  • Have carrot/cucumber sticks to nibble on or sweetcorn cobs or make a cheese, pineapple and tomato kebabs (hedgehog!)
  • Add fruit to any dessert e.g. slice of apple, cup of grapes, segment or orange
  • Use ‘half and half’ (half white, half brown/wholemeal) pasta and bread so that the children are encouraged to eat some wholemeal – or use white on one side of the sandwich, brown on the other and place it white side up!
  • Chicken, Turkey and Ham are good sources of protein in sandwiches
  • Pancakes are easy to make with the children, are tasty and with fruit a good pudding or breakfast – look for sneaky recipes that add oats and other healthy things!
  • Oven baked sweet potato wedges are a good way of adding a vegetable in to a meal
  • Grating or blending vegetables such as carrot, mushrooms and courgette in to sauces, like a bolognaise or curry so it isn’t as noticeable
  • Add pineapple, tomato or mushrooms to pizza to add vegetables
  • Encourage children and families to cook with you – others also provide this support such as the Food Bank.
  • Eggs on toast with a side of baked beans are a good source of protein as is Jacket Potato with Beans

If you want further advice and guidance or have any other questions, please feel free to email hello@edsential.co.uk