Healthy Minds – A Resilience and Results Programme

Healthy Minds – A Resilience and Results Programme


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These sessions are £100 per session, 4 sessions take place in a half day with 2 classes of children.

We firmly believe that to show any evidence of impact the children require a minimum of 2 sessions a day over 6 weeks. (Prices are for 2 classes)

“Longitudinal studies of Children and Young People identified as being at risk of poor outcomes (poverty, mental health problems, social isolation demonstrate that one third of Children and Young People not only survived but thrived the difference for the one third was the young person’s resilience “(Oxford University Press 2017)

Addresses The Challenges:

  1. Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience
  2. Behaviour and Engagement
  3. Raising Aspirations and Narrowing the Gap
  4. Physical Inactivity

Why a School Should Buy: This programme works with targeted groups of pupils who may have difficulty engaging, elevated levels of anxiety and/or a lack of confidence. Delivered by a Mental Health and Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and/or Physical Health Expert, the course aims to combat these issues through focussed theoretical and practical sessions. The programme supports sustainability through parental involvement and resources which enable pupils to continue learning with their own parents.

Theory: This session will focus on developing resilience strategies and techniques that are integral to emotional wellbeing. Schools may choose to focus on supporting specific challenges such as: learning disabilities, transition from primary to secondary, poor behaviour, increased anxiety/depression and low self-esteem/confidence.

Practical: This session will use a range of exercise and physical activity based sessions designed to enable the young people to connect, engage, be challenged, motivated and deepen their understanding of the need for young people to adopt good habits in relation to any type of regular activity; be it to the maintenance of bikes, gardening, climbing and walking to name a few!


  • One theory and one practical session per day for each target group
  • Two members of staff – one mental health and one physical health expert – so that you can target two groups per day over six weeks and double the impact (max. 30 per group)
  • An impact and evaluation report from our Pupil’s Voice app (page 42)

If you wish to go ahead with this programme and/or receive further information please email or


Tutors: Specialist in counselling, therapy for young people and a Specialist in engaging pupils in activity.

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