Active Bodies and Positive Minds: Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health – Tier 3

Active Bodies and Positive Minds: Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health – Tier 3


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Tier 1

Advice, guidance and resources via email, telephone and website to develop and improve your school’s Physical and Mental Health policies and practices

Half-termly Newsletter with national and local updates with regards to Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health

Pupil Voice Application . At the most basic level Pupils Voice app is designed to gather pupil’s views from every lesson.  By focusing on key questions practitioners can shape and develop their practice and review the feedback they are getting via the portal.

Plus tier 2:

Training for young people with a choice from:

Therapeutic  application of outdoor learning in a range of outdoor adventure type activities.  6x half day sessions for up to 15-20 young people

Mindfulness in the woods. Walking , easy climbing and exploring type physical  activities that are designed to encourage discsussion and build relationships.  2x 1 hour sessions for up to 30 young people

Developing your Personal Best. Targeted support for groups of young people using the focus of achieving their own personal best to engage, motivate and inspire them to fully participate in ALL lessons. This can include vulnerable groups who struggle to engage in the curriculum due to poor behaviour, a lack of confidence or self esteem. 6x half day sessions for targeted young people


Parental and family learning that will support children to continue with physical activity, adventure, positive mental health and sport at home with a choice from:

Developing Resilience – a focus on aspects that support resilience and activities to develop parent’s knowledge , confidence and skills to  help promote resilience that develop  good mental health and physical health as they  go hand in hand . 3x 1hour parent workshop. Bespoke to schools

Family character development: The programme is aimed at parents and their children aged 4-16, these exciting outdoor activities use Bushcraft and survival based activities to develop physical, social and mental health , in addition to  developing learning, communication and having fun as a family. 6 X  1 hour sessions or equivalent . Bespoke to schools.

Improving communication, building relationships and being active. This programme targets families of children in EYFS and KS1 and 2 and aims to Improve communication, build relationships and will help families to play, be active and learn together whilst supporting their young children to develop their physical literacy, emotional, and thinking skills. 3X 1 hour workshops. Bespoke to schools.

Active Bodies and Positive Minds: Social, Emotional, Mental and Physical Health – Tier 3

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