An Artistic Outlet for Emotional Wellbeing

An Artistic Outlet for Emotional Wellbeing


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Addressing The Challenges:

  • Behaviour and Engagement
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Raising Aspirations and Narrowing the Gap


Why a School Should Buy:

Our visual arts programme offers children and young people the opportunity to engage in a medium where self-expression is paramount. Creative arts provide pupils with an outlet, allowing them to reflect, be creative and express themselves away from issues and stressful situations.


Time and space is created by the artist to develop a piece, or pieces of work, which encourage aspiration and work towards narrowing the gap. The message that everyone can have a go and succeed in their own specific way is crucial. Collaborative work will develop team work, communication and resilience.


Programmes can be tailored around topics to support curriculum and health and wellbeing difficulties.


Includes an impact and evaluation report from our Pupil’s Voice app


Programme Details:

Time: Per day – 6 hours.

Cost:  £300 + VAT plus the cost of materials.

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