Arts Festivals

Arts Festivals


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Addressing The Challenges:

  • Raising Aspirations, Narrowing the Gap
  • Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience
  • Partnership and Collaboration Work in Schools


Why a School Should Buy:

What could be better for raising children’s aspirations than giving them the opportunity to perform and realise what incredible talents they have and perhaps didn’t even recognise?


Performing offers the opportunity for deep relaxation and emotional release, for self-expression and enjoyable social contact. Arts Festivals give young people the opportunity to open their minds, recognise the power of creativity and aspire to achieve. They enable communities of schools to work together and collaborate, develop bonds, enhance social cohesion and physically develop contributions together.


We can co-ordinate and support groups of schools in planning their own Arts Festivals from inception right through to delivery.


Programme Details:


Contact us to discuss planning your Arts Festival, as each is bespoke and dependent on the number of schools participating.

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