Continuous Professional Development

Continuous Professional Development


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Supporting Pupils Effectively with Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing These professional development sessions will enable staff to better support pupils to develop key life skills, which are invaluable for the future of their positive mental health and wellbeing.

Includes: Resource list to support SEMH back in the classroom.

Managing the Effects of Anxiety

Children and young people may feel anxious for many reasons – for example because of worries about things that are happening at home or school, or because of a traumatic event.

Symptoms of anxiety include feeling fearful or panicky, breathless, tense, fidgety, sick, irritable, tearful or having difficulty sleeping.

This session will look at triggers, scaffolding pupils and the impact of anxiety on emotional health and wellbeing so that you can support your pupils better.

Supporting Young People with Bullying

This course is to provide staff with an understanding of types of bullying that pupils may encounter within schools, bullying behaviours and attitudes. We will look at a school’s anti bullying policy and resources available to support staff and pupils who feel that they have concerns.

The course will enable staff to consider their roles in relation to bullying and reflect upon ways of supporting young people, raise issues of vulnerable children and develop an understanding of how to work collaboratively with schools, individuals and other organisations and stakeholders.


This course will enable staff to define attachment and understand the importance of secure attachment. Staff will develop the knowledge and understanding to develop an action plan to take back to school.

If a child has healthy, positive attachment to adults within the school environment the child will become more confident and develop better self-esteem.

Delegates will learn about the four main attachment types and be able to discuss the challenges faced in schools in a private safe environment.

Continuous Professional Development

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