Developing a Whole School Mental Health Approach Workshop

Developing a Whole School Mental Health Approach Workshop


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Supporting schools with Government response to the Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision which highlights:

“The creation of  Education and Health  Mental Health  Support Teams “

“A designated School  Senior Lead Role ,  a senior post with  strategic responsibility “

“Importance of Early Years“

“Health Education, a compulsory part of the curriculum by 2020”

“New policies aimed at improving safety on line“

Addressing the challenges:

1. Leadership ability to implement strategy

2. Declining emotional wellbeing and resilience

3. Evidencing and assessing impact

4. Raising aspirations and narrowing the gap

The Mental Health and emotional wellbeing of both pupils and staff are important concerns for all schools and colleges. Designed around evidence based practice this course will leave you with a solid understanding of mental health, evidence based approaches and practical steps to implement at your school and ensuring the right procedures are in place for identifying, helping and referring pupils who are suffering from a mental health condition


This course includes:

  • A deeper understanding of mental health
  • Strategies schools can take to design and embed a whole school improvement plan
  • The Health Education as a compulsory part of the curriculum
  • Highlighting key information and providing support for the school to embed on the Government response to the Transforming Children and Young People’s Mental Health Provision
  • Overview of the latest local Mental Health evidence which schools will want to know
  • Building upon the existing provision at your school and using existing resources
  • Designing and embedding a Framework to help schools implement a Mental Health and emotional wellbeing whole school improvement plan
  • Practical examples and case studies from schools and colleges who are leading the way in mental health improvement
  • Ensuring partnership work in schools and training providers to champion a culture of good emotional well-being and resilience and promote early intervention.
  • Your Local Transformation Plan
  • Ensuring effective collaboration
  • Information on how to apply to progress with the ‘School Mental Health Award’

Programme details:

Specifically for Headteachers, Deputy Heads and Senior Leaders

Cost: £195 per delegate including refreshments and lunch.


If you are a teaching school , MAT,  Local Authority  or cluster of schools and would like this programme delivered to you and/or added to your CPD Portfolio then please contact



‘In order to further improve the progress and learning of children at St Saviour’s, we identified the need to develop a more explicit approach to nurturing positive mental health and well being in our school community. Through her professional development session with us, Gaby helped us to reflect on our current practice and to discuss ways of developing this further; as a result of this we now have a focused action plan to enable us to actively engage our whole school community in creating a more positive mind set and approach to life.’ Headteacher, St Saviours RC Primary School


“An Outstanding course which helps leaders with up to date knowledge and practical steps about what to progress back at school” Headteacher, Liverpool


04th February 2019
9:30am - 3:30pm


Suites Hotel Knowsley
Ribblers Lane
L34 9HA


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