Drama – Charlotte Splillane

Drama – Charlotte Splillane


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Charlotte is a well-qualified and highly motivated Drama Practitioner, teacher and trainer. Charlotte has been a drama teacher for 20 years and her personal experiences of teaching and training have been varied, challenging and immensely rewarding. Charlotte has taught extensively across the age ranges, from pre-school tots, primary and secondary pupils, to University students and teacher INSET programmes. Charlotte has relished the opportunity to work with a wide range of students in a wide variety of settings, from schools to business, from public sector organizations to prisons. Charlotte is driven by a desire to inspire positive energy in others, to encourage more motivated, creative individuals and more dynamic, enthusiastic students who leave her sessions wanting more.


The artist will contact you directly to discuss possible dates.  On occasions it may be necessary to offer you an alternative Edsential Tutor due to individual’s current commitments.


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