Environmental Learning Cards

Environmental Learning Cards


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This Programme Supports:

  1. Diverse cross curriculum delivery outside
  2. Effective leadership of outdoor learning
  3. Engagement of young people physically, emotionally and mentally

What’s in the pack?

Easy to follow cards provide staff with a series of different environmental activities. These can be done on the school site or further afield. Each activity is standalone or can be adapted and extended to suit specific needs or learning outcomes.

These four themes cover a total of 26 activities including plant discovery, literature in the environment, measuring trees, geology and buildings, solar kettle, bee friendly, mini-beast models and fire making.

The cards have been supported by a range of environmental organisations including the Outdoor Education Advisers’ Panel, National Association of Field Study Officers, Field Studies Council and the Institute for Outdoor Learning.

Our outdoor specialist will introduce you to some of the activities in the pack and give you the opportunity to ask any questions and explore further learning.

Environmental Learning Cards

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