EQUIP- Early Years Quality Improvement Programme

EQUIP- Early Years Quality Improvement Programme


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The Early Years specialist will provide you with a bespoke package of quality improvement support. You will receive 16 hours of support during each improvement phase, which can be delivered in a range of ways including joint observations of practice, staff training and development, action planning and review sessions. This will be agreed between yourself and the early years specialist.


The purpose of the quality improvement support is to ensure that children are accessing high quality provision which will improve their school readiness and outcomes in later life. This will be monitored using a well-researched improvement tool which is suited to the needs of the setting such as ITERS (Infant and Toddler Environmental Rating Scale) ECERS (Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale) ECERS-E (Extension to ECERS) and SSTEW (Sustained Shared Thinking and Emotional Well-Being).


The use of these tools will provide the setting with a measurable indicator for the quality of the service they are providing and a shared action plan for improvement. The role of the Early Years Specialist will be to mentor and guide the setting through the self-evaluation process using a ‘Plan, Do, Review’ approach during each improvement phase. The aim is that the setting will feel empowered by the process and the support will lead to sustained improvement which will be eventually be graded as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted. 

EQUIP- Early Years Quality Improvement Programme

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