EVOLVE and Risk Benefit Assessment

EVOLVE and Risk Benefit Assessment


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The Health and Safety at work act states it is the responsibility of the employer to ensure Employess are provided with necessary training to carry out their duties safely.  This training ensures that staff understand their responsibilities in the planning and delivery of Educational Visits and associated risks are identified, documented and managed.


We will look at what is required to ensure that Educational visits are well planned and risk assessments are reasonable and proportional for a variety of educational visits ranging from Overseas residential activities to sports fixtures and city visits.

  • Navigating EVOLVE
  • Benefits of Educational Visits
  • Planning and co-ordinating activity
  • Ratios and effective supervision for visits
  • Identifying risks and management measures
  • Monitoring and Evaluating visits




13th November 2019
9.15pm – 11.15pm
05th February 2020
1.15pm – 3.15pm


Innovation Room,
Whitby Hall Lodge,
Whitby Park,
Stanney Lane,
Ellesmere Port,
CH65 6QY
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