Extracting Positive Outcomes Through Drama

Extracting Positive Outcomes Through Drama


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Addressing the Challenges:

  • Behaviour and Engagement
  • Raising Aspirations and Narrowing the Gap
  • Physical Inactivity

Why a School Should Buy:

Through drama and performance, the course enables young people to become more confident, enhance their self-esteem and provide opportunities for them to express their feelings and emotions in a constructive way.


This programme provides the opportunity for pupils to appreciate and use their bodies in different ways, developing motor skills and encouraging physical activity.


Our specialists develop bespoke workshops to address a range of mental health and wellbeing difficulties with great sensitivity and a real depth of experience. Examples include concerns over transition, bullying and anxiety around social media. A programme can be constructed across the age ranges over several days if desired.


Programme Details:

Time: Per day (6 hours)

Cost: £300 + VAT

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