Virtual Competitions 20/21

Virtual Competitions 20/21


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What is a Virtual Competition?

Pupils take part in a number of physical activity challenges within their schools, (personal best challenge). The data is then complied and we at Edsential do the hard work of analysing it and comparing it to that of other schools. We then confirm the results with you, all by email/ twitter.


How does it work?

  • Edsential will support schools (if required) in organising and delivering 3 x personal challenge/competitions on their own school site, one each term. (We will send you a competition card each term, with teaching points).
  • Once a personal challenge/virtual competition has been completed in school, the results should be sent to the Edsential Team, on the provided excel document, in the correct format.
  • Results from all schools will be compiled and compared to determine overall school winners, year group winners, individual winners etc. Overall results will be sent out at the start of the following term via Twitter and then email.
  • Please see the deadline for submitting the results for each competition on the results recording sheet.
  • Schools can then celebrate their results on their school websites and twitter.



  • On-going advice, guidance and access to resources and equipment.
  • Meets the criteria for Sainsbury’s School Games Mark under the personal challenge category, via email, without having to transport children to events.
  • Cards provided are clear and activities are easy enough that pupils from years 1-6 can access them and school Play Leaders could even set them up and record the results.
  • Schools can display these results in varying formats (a chart/table etc) on their school games display providing real cross-curricular links.
  • Year 6 pupils can use the school’s results for their own data analysis to give them a real life context to practise their ICT and Mathematics skills. Also taking the analysis away from staff.


“The virtual competitions this year have really helped our children to learn how to compete in a friendly and non-threatening environment. They have become an important part of each term and something the staff and pupils look forward to”.



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