Learn to play a String Instrument

Learn to play a String Instrument


Learn to play violin, viola, cello or double bass.

Stringed instruments are highly expressive and very adaptable, encompassing many exciting musical styles. Stringed instruments are the backbone of the orchestra, opening up the world of the great classical composers such as Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Strings add atmosphere to feature films, underscoring the action with tension and suspense, or alternatively, adding romance and drama. String players often take the lead in folk bands or even add a touch of “class” to rock and pop music.

Stringed instruments come in a range of sizes to fit children and adults so it is sometimes easier for very young children to manage a violin, whereas a double-bass would be impossible. Edsential has a range of sizes for you to try in order to find out what suits you best. You can hire an instrument from us while you make up your mind whether strings are for you.

Individual 20 or 30 minute lessons are available. As students progress, there are plenty of opportunities to join a music group or orchestra at one of the Edsential music centres.

Every pupil has a practice notebook to ease communication between home and music centre. Pupils receive a short report detailing their progress during the year. There are regular opportunities for performance in concerts. Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong skill which can benefit young people socially and academically. We look forward to receiving your enquiry.


Music Centre Prices:

Individual 20 minute lesson £10.33 (ex VAT)

Individual 30 minute lesson £15.42 (ex VAT)

Group lessons £5.17 (ex VAT)


Remissions and reductions for Music Centre tuition

100% remission for FSM and Children in Care of LA.

Families eligible for the NHS low income scheme (certificate HC2 or HC3) receive a 50% reduction


Instrument Hire

  • Instrument Hire  (most instruments) £25.83
  • Instrument Hire  (saxophone, euphonium, tuba, double bass, bassoon)    £31.00
  • Instrument Hire  (most instruments) 20% discount with Edsential tuition £20.67
  • Instrument Hire  (saxophone, euphonium, tuba, double bass, bassoon) 20% discount with Edsential tuition £24.79


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