Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Specialists

Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Specialists


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Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing Specialists (Day-rate)

Targeted at Key Stages 2-4.

We have developed a host of bespoke Health & Emotional Wellbeing specialists, who provide services, which can be tailored to your school.

  1. Guest Speaker

Edsential Health and wellbeing Ambassador

from £350 

  1. Healthy Minds-Resilience and Results

The aims of the programme are to develop young people’s emotional health and support when faced with a learning or social stressor. The programme provides an overall approach in developing and maintaining positive mental health within young people by identifying and providing them with coping skills to allow them to achieve their best potential, giving them tools to not only cope but the potential to thrive.

Some of the outcomes of this programme include:

  • Using a non-formal approach to identify positive and negative emotions
  • Coping strategies to deal effectively with mixed emotions
  • Developing Resilience and Confidence to adapt to new situations
  • Developing and Maintaining a positive, mental attitude when faced with challenging situations
  • Developing a Growth Mind set to allow young people to take on new challenges

 Cost: £375

  1. Extracting Positive outcomes through Drama 

Through drama and performance, the session enables young people to become more confident, enhance their self-esteem and provide opportunities for them to express their feelings and emotions in a constructive way.

This programme provides the opportunity for pupils to appreciate and use their bodies in different ways, developing motor skills and encouraging physical activity.

Our specialists develop bespoke workshops to address a range of mental health and wellbeing difficulties with great sensitivity and a real depth of experience

Cost: £375

  1. Dance 

The students pull apart a stimuli, (could be based on friendships, a picture, a poem, emotions, social media etc) and with creative choreography task our dance specialists would challenge the students physically and mentally to create and develop the choreography- while in a fun and enjoyable environment. Once the students have done this and have felt a sense of achievement, this will help improve their confidence and self-esteem. This will also have the students thinking about how others feel, how they feel and connecting emotions to dance.

Cost £260

  1. Vocalise 

Schools know music releases endorphins in the brain. Endorphins give us a heightened feeling of excitement.  In addition to feeling euphoric, endorphins quell anxiety, ease pain and stabilise the immune system.  With high endorphin levels, we have fewer negative effects of stress.

Our musician will bring their specialist knowledge and experience to lead students through understanding vocal health to presenting confident performances, working together as a team. Edsential Musicians focus on developing expression, communication, vocal qualities and performance discipline. This is a unique, inspirational session.

Cost: £250 (half day)


  1. Resilience in the rough. Learning new skills in the outdoors that build confidence, resilience and self-belief. 

Our young people face more stresses and strains in our ever-changing world dominated by communication, the fast pace we all live in and the constant pressure we all face with not feeling good enough.

During the session we will introduce activities that build on team work and support resilience, Young people will have tasked with either some or all of the following; making food and shelters, cooking on a fire followed by exploring and sharing their thoughts feelings and emotions in a supportive environment.

Research has evidence that being outside and in even better in a green environment improves mental health by reducing the stress hormone cortisol and increasing the happy hormone dopamine. Through our delivery we actively promote this as a wellbeing strategy

 Cost: £260

 7. Creative ways to engage young people and teach them interesting ways to communicate

An excellent and creative way of working in teams, the lead deliverer has much success in terms of outcomes with young people. Developing leadership skills through a series of exciting team building activities, designed to develop strong working relationships, a positive approach and a highly effective team. Activities that can be used by pupils and staff.
Cost: £260

8. FAN Fitness – Activity – Nutrition by Mad Fitness

This is an inspirational and high energy session aimed at staff and pupils, lots of energy and a passionate deliverer who engages warmly and so positively with young people and staff. The focus is on healthy eating and the importance of physical activity but delivered in a unique way that engages young people and staff. Most of all it will be fun and the teachers are of course welcome to join in!

Cost: £260

9. Yoga & Mindfulness Through Story Telling

Yoga with children is not about spirituality, it is about exploring different stories through yoga poses, breathing strategies and mindfulness. With the pressures of everyday life children are becoming more susceptible to stress. Many schools are now seeing the benefits that teaching yoga to children as young as 4 can have on their pupils’ ability not only to control their bodies but to control their emotions through the mindfulness and breathing techniques which are embedded in the programme.

Cost: £375

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