Music Roadshow: Classical Collection

Music Roadshow: Classical Collection


Classical Connections is presented by a group of five highly experienced musicians and educators aiming to bring quality live music to schools.  They have performed their unique show to primary, secondary and special schools to really positive feedback from staff and pupils.  A brand new show is lined up for the new academic year aiming to inspire and entertain pupils through the joy of music.  Classical Connections takes place on Thursday mornings and places book up quickly.


Edsential Music Roadshows inspire, entertain and educate through a varied and interactive programme of live music.  Delivered by a small group of highly experienced musicians, performances typically last between forty minutes and an hour. We carefully select age appropriate repertoire chosen to help your pupils understand different genres of music and introduce them to a variety of orchestral instruments.  Through consultation with teachers, we can adapt the programme to suit all audiences. Children who are inspired to continue their journey into the world of music making can be given help and advice about local opportunities.


“The children were entranced” (Primary Head Teacher)


“I just wanted to say what a privilege it was to listen to the talented musicians this morning. Our students responded really well and it enables them to participate in a concert where as to go out to a concert would not be possible for many of them…” (Special School Assistant Head Teacher)


“Thank you once again for your fantastic performance – I was amazed at how the whole school responded to the music and there have been lots of staff coming to me to say how much their classes enjoyed it! I really hope this is something that we can have every year!”  (Special School Head Teacher, November 2017)


Note: Local Authority Schools, Free Schools or Academies, in CWAC or Wirral who have not had a Roadshow in school may have one free of charge

Cost: £200 plus VAT travel expenses may be added outside of Cheshire and Wirral


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