Musical Instrument Tuition (student- billed)

Musical Instrument Tuition (student- billed)


Musical Instrument Tuition: Student billed



If our teachers are not able to visit schools during the Covid-19 period, we can deliver online tuition through live video conferencing.  Please contact us for details. Learn to play a musical instrument in school with Edsential. Young musicians develop real practical skills and an in-depth understanding of music through performing and improvising on their chosen instrument under the expert guidance of a skilled professional musician. With Edsential, there are plenty of opportunities to play in bands and ensembles and to take part in performances in school and other concert venues. Tuition is available on brass, woodwind, strings, guitar, ukulele, mandolin, recorder, piano, keyboards, world percussion, orchestral percussion, kit drums. Edsential tutors are professional musicians with experience of training and enthusing young musicians. Instruments can be purchased from Edsential or hired at a discounted rate. Safeguarding the wellbeing of children is of paramount importance to us so all our tutors are subject to enhanced DBS checks and they undertake safeguarding training on a regular basis.

The Music Service will provide instrumental or vocal tuition for groups of pupils for at least 33 weeks across the academic year. Edsential will communicate with families directly to set up the lessons and families will be charged directly from Edsential. Charges will include VAT. Teaching can take place before, during or after school subject to availability of Edsential musicians. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the school to ensure that pupils are supervised whilst waiting for a lesson and on leaving the school after the lesson. Students generally learn in groups according to their ability. More advanced students may prefer an individual lesson.

Every pupil has a practice notebook to ease communication between home and music tutor. In addition, pupils receive an annual report detailing their progress during the year. Pupils will be entered for examinations, if the school and parent wishes. These can be very motivating for pupils with the added advantage that grades 6 to 8 carry points that may count towards university entrance. Edsential musicians are also available to lead school bands, orchestras or choirs. Edsential organises concert opportunities in large venues that your school groups can take part in through the year.




Group Lesson (in-person only): £5 + VAT

20 minute individual: £10 + VAT

30 minute individual: £15 + VAT

Online Byte Size lesson: £3.50 + VAT (Trial lesson available).  Minimum 6 weeks following the trial lesson.

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