Nutrition and Wellbeing Day 20/21

Nutrition and Wellbeing Day 20/21


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This programme supports

  1. Promoting mental wellbeing in young people
  2. Tackling the national obesity crisis
  3. Promoting the importance of physical activity and maintaining a healthy balanced diet in relation to overall wellbeing


Why a school should buy

In partnership with MADFitness, our ‘Nutrition and Wellbeing Days’ are new for 2020. Schools may choose a theme for the day from one of the options listed below. Sessions will be active and engaging, with content altered to suit the demands of each year group.

Wellbeing days consist of up to 4 x 60 minute sessions, which can either be delivered to whole classes or to target groups.


Available options include:

  • Wellbeing Day – Exploring the Mental Health Foundation and Sport England “Five Ways to Wellbeing”
  • Brain Food & Sleep – Exploring the best foods to eat (especially during exam periods)/ Looking at helpful ways to aid sleep and what factors develop poor sleep patterns (from food to electronic devices, environment etc)
  • Fast Food – how to make the best choices when eating fast food and the ‘hidden’ good/bad options
  • Energy Input/output – Exploring a ‘balanced diet’ and how to ensure our body functions effectively


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Nutrition and Wellbeing Day 20/21

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