Outdoor Adventurous Free Play

Outdoor Adventurous Free Play


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All children irrespective of gender background culture or racial origin or individual ability should have equal access to good play opportunities.  Outdoor Adventurous Free Play is an exciting and creative approach to play in your school.

Let us work with your school and staff to introduce Adventurous Free Play into to your school.

Outdoor Adventurous Free Play:

  • Provides children with opportunities to enjoy freedom,and exercise choice of control over their actions
  • Offers children opportunities for testing boundaries and exploring risk
  • Offers a very wide range of physical,social and intellectual experiences for children
  • Fosters children’s respect for others and offers opportunities for social interaction
  • Supports the child’s well being, healthy growth and development.
  • Increases children’s knowledge and understanding
  • Promotes children’s creativity and capacity to learn
  • Reduces incidents of conflict and accidents


We will work with and support your staff undertaking an audit of current play, and develop a play policy that supports the introduction of adventurous free play in school.   School staff will be supported in the management and supervision of play times in school.


Cost: £1040 + VAT   This includes 4 sessions led by Edsential staff.


Once your booking is received Martin Kirkman will contact you directly to arrange dates and times for your visits.   Please leave any preferred dates in the comments box at point of booking.


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