Outdoor Adventurous Play

Outdoor Adventurous Play


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Outdoor Adventurous Play is rooted in the recognition of the child’s right to play as outlined in UN Convention on the Rights of the Child(UNRC}1989.

It is:

  • A programme for schools who want to enhance the play opportunities for pupils in their school.
  • A mentor supported programme that aims to improve both provision of and engagement in play within your school in a sustainable way.
  • A step by step process leading to the development of a comprehensive approach to play and its provision within your school.


Outcomes Include:

  • Transformation of the culture of play within your school. * Children engaged in a wider range of play.
  • Reduction and resolution of issues such as behaviour,accidents and playground incidents.
  • Increased respect for mid day supervisors.
  • Reduction of low level behavioural problems.
  • Children ready to return to the classroom focused and ready to engage in lessons.


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