Pegs, Putty and PE

Pegs, Putty and PE


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This programme supports:

  1. Early Years Physical Development (ELG) and school readiness
  2. Development of physical literacy and fine and gross motor skills
  3. Sustainable and effective use of the PE and Sport Premium


Why a school should buy?

An effective EYFS physical development programme will improve children’s school readiness.

A fine and gross motor skills programme for pupils in Early Years.


Part 1: Fine Motor Sessions

These sessions will provide practical activities and resources to support the development of fine motor control, including finger strength and dexterity which supports early writing skills.


Part 2: Gross Motor Sessions

These sessions will explore the development of fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, balancing and coordination. Our team will provide resources and support to enable the sustainable delivery of both aspects of the programme



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Duration and Cost: 3 x ½ day sessions. Each 1/2 day session will include 2 x fine motor skill development sessions and 2 x gross motor
development sessions.
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