School Activity Challenge 2020

School Activity Challenge 2020


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This programme supports

  1. New OFSTED Framework – Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  2. Raising the profile of PE and Sport across the whole school
  3. Engagement of the least active children in regular physical activity

Why a school should buy

Schools are great at providing a range of opportunities for young people to be active throughout the school day – active lessons, daily initiatives such as The Daily Mile, active lunchtimes, and after school provision. However, we feel there is a need for further understanding of when pupils are most active and which pupils are least active. Our project will focus on supporting schools to: identify trends in activity, support and encourage all young people to be more active and create an environment in which all young people can become more active in a way that suits them.


How does it work?

A class of pupils will wear a set of activity bands for a whole week. These will be delivered and set up before school on a Monday morning and collected on a Friday afternoon. The bands will track pupil activity before school, at lunchtimes, after school and out of school. This will highlight the particular times pupils in each school are more active. At the end of the week schools will receive a report outlining their data which will be analysed against the different times of day.



At the end of each week a school’s overall results will be entered on to the School Activity Challenge Leaderboard under the following categories:

  1. Overall class average – Steps per week
  2. Active Travel – Class average 8am – 9am
  3. Lunchtimes – Class average 12 – 1pm
  4. After School – 3.30pm – 4.30pm
  5. Out of School – 4.30pm onwards


Cost and duration – 1-week hire (including: setup, collection and report) £180

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