Small Schools Conference – Collaboration not Collision

Small Schools Conference – Collaboration not Collision


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This conference is free to Cheshire West and Chester Schools (£30 for non-Cheshire Schools)


Heads from small schools firmly believe that small schools are caring places, close to home, family & community.  Children in small schools are secure, work hard and co-operate effectively, are happy to accept responsibility, have self-esteem and behave very well.

Small schools represent a valuable stake in community provision. There is a lot to be proud of and this has led to the first event of its’ kind – a first small schools conference within the region.

The conference will explore the key relationships that Heads of small schools are passionate about and require strengthening to continue to develop whole school improvement.  It will offer practical insights and inspiration into making the most of this crucial relationship – to create a network which has as its’ focus the improvement of outcomes for all young people and the whole community.


Why attend

Collaboration is critical especially for small schools.  Typically, successful collaboration is achieved when all parties are around the table understand each other’s area of work, points of view and work towards the common goal.



The changes to the structure of Education in the past decade have been dramatic. The development of Academies, MATs and Free Schools have established new structures and these have tended to ignore the existence of the small, rural primary school often situated in isolated areas.

The ability of individual schools to maintain their high standards, links with their communities and their place in the world of education is of real importance to heads and the community they support.

This conference will explore how collaboration between small schools can create the conditions to make ‘things’ work more effectively for more of the time and ensure their survival.


This conference will:

  • Review the appropriate research from the recent past
  • Focus upon specific research undertaken by NASS which explored those specific circumstances which encouraged successful collaboration
  • Examine how other areas have approached collaboration
  • Begin to enable individual heads to explore existing collaborative networks and how they could develop these more effectively
  • Work alongside colleagues to establish their own collaborations and the ways forward


Note: There will  be an opportunity to network after the conference from 5:00pm – 5:30pm


24th June 2019
12:45pm - 5:00pm


Holiday Inn Ellesmere Port
Lower Mersey Street
Ellesmere Port
CH65 2AL


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