Understanding Me and My Emotions

Understanding Me and My Emotions


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“10% of children in every classroom will have a mental health problem, that is 2 children in each class and a further 15% of children will go on to develop a mental health problem” (Namka, 2014)

Do you recognise your pupils’ are showing a number of signs of Emotional Health Concerns?

If so…

Come on a journey and help your children and young people cope with Emotional Health and Well being.  This is a vital time to engage our children and young people in ensuring they have the right skills to be able to cope and adapt with what life throws their way.

We have designed a tailored made programme which is covered in 6 half day sessions that can be adapted to suit your needs.  The programme is  designed to draw the emotions of those individual’s who find it hard to express themselves through a more  formal questioning approach.

 Our programme, and ensures that we do not miss those individuals that require the most needed support and this is absolutely crucial.

Our approach includes 4 steps:

Step 1

Diagnostics – To identify the negative self talkers using a traffic light system

Step 2

StabilityEstablishing a safe place… someone or somewhere/something that makes you feel safe, secure and happy.  Understand the key issues underlying  poor Mental Health and emotional wellbeing .  What measures can be put in place to prevent worsening the situation a young person may find themselves in.  Providing the individual the right tools and methods to find their safe place.  Providing and creating a series of  individual ‘Cheerleading Statements’ to be able to offer support.

Step 3

Actions – What will the individual do?  The individual will be able to understand the key areas underlying their own actions? What will the school do?  We will work alongside the teacher/groups of staff  to offer further support for those individuals who may need it?

 Step 4

Prevention – This is the most important step in the whole programme, this is about ensuring that the individual has the relevant help  and the best possible support so that they do not return to their original emotional state.

At any one of these steps it is important to refer back to the Diagnostics stage, this will establish whether the individual is improving and also ensure that those individuals who find it hard to express their emotions are not overlooked.

The outcomes of this programme include:

  • Using a non-formal approach, examples include ; Mindcraft, Snakes and Ladders, Inside Out Characters using Uno Cards, Bingo and many more to identify positive and negative emotions by drawing out issues
  • Coping strategies to deal effectively with mixed emotions including mindfulness, working as part of a team, communicating effectively and to accept the ups and downs of events and situations  that occur through our daily lives
  • Developing Resilience and Confidence to adapt to new situations
  • Developing and maintaining a positive, mental attitude when faced with challenging situations
  • Developing a Growth Mind set to allow children and young people  to take on new challenges

Each package offers Diagnostics, Coping Skills and Prevention and is tailored to each individual child and young person’s  needs.

 Parental Engagement There is also an opportunity as part of an after care plan, to support  parents/carers with their own emotional health and wellbeing which supports them to develop the help for their children. This  potential support can be discussed at the outset  of the programme .

Please click here to find an executive summary of our programme and the cycle in maintaining Emotional Health.

After booking, please e-mail gaby.crolla@edsential.co.uk to arrange dates for your 6 sessions.

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