Virtuoso – Junior Choir

Virtuoso – Junior Choir

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Virtual Online Choir for pupils from 8 to 12 years old from across Wirral and Cheshire West


  • Accessible and safe singing for children across the area
  • Elicits positive emotions and engenders a strong sense of connectedness with others
  • Energises and gets children singing
  • Distracts children from negativity and stress, improves their mood and helps them to feel safe, calm and comfortable
  • Gives children a channel through which they can express emotion, ideas and find their voice in the world
  • Gives children a sense of achievement, a feeling of self-confidence, pride and self esteem
  • Learn and develop good vocal technique
  • Helps to improve mood, memory and cognitive performance
  • Build a Regional Choir that is easily accessible to all



  • Free to current existing music centre members or anyone in a school who has music lessons with Edsential this academic year
  • £24 + VAT per term for others



  • Membership includes access to music centres and all other ensembles and online activities
  • Sessions take place every Wednesday (4:30- 5:30pm) via Zoom


If you would like to sign your child up for Virtuoso Choir click HERE, log in and follow this process:


  1. Choose Music Group – Select Virtuoso Choir. 
  2. Next choose Instrument – Voice, then click on grade and enter NA (you just need to make sure you put something in this box) 
  3. Then step is Enrol – new (you will need to fill in your details) or existing pupils – whichever applicable to your child 
  4. This takes you to Step Four (Payment) – if you are in a school which has Edsential Music Lessons this academic year 2020/21, please tick ‘Eligible for Remissions’ and choose ‘Music Centre Remission.’ 


If you have any problems or any questions, please email   



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