Wirral Governor Network Sessions

Wirral Governor Network Sessions

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Edsential look forward and are delighted to host this networking session as part of our Partnership with Wirral LA .

The purpose of the session is for the Local Authority to provide a FREE networking opportunity for Governors to network with each other, raise topical issues and have an opportunity to engage in a short CPD input.  

Networking sessions will provide:

  • An opportunity to support , network,  share ideas,  insight and best practice
  • To develop knowledge ,skills and confidence in areas that relate to the short, medium and long term role and responsibilities of Governors
  • A forum to provide a voice for Governors, Chairs and Vice Chairs
  • The Provision of Tools and resources to assist in the role and responsibility for school Governance

These Networking sessions are an opportunity to meet other Governors, share experiences, knowledge and understanding.  A range of topics are covered across the year such as:

  • Finance
  • Being strategic
  • Training and development of governors
  • Recruitment and retention of governors
  • Evaluation, visits, monitoring and Reports

Recruitment and retention of Governors is a key concern for most governing bodies and finding the right people has always been a challenge.  Not just anybody will do but do we know who we are looking for?

The focus of the next networking session is building on previous discussions around effective governance:

  • What do you personally bring to governance?
  • What makes a good governor?
  • How do we recruit?
    • Where do we advertise (may be too strong a word)?
    • Interview process
    • Induction
  • How do we encourage people to stay – what techniques do we use (personal contact, What’s App groups, etc)


This is an important topic for all schools and a good chance to share practice, nick ideas and come up with some new ones.



14th December 2021
26th January 2022
23rd March 2022
18th May 2022
06th July 2022


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