Yoga and Mindfulness through Story Telling

Yoga and Mindfulness through Story Telling


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This programme supports:

1. Early Years Physical Development (ELG)

2. Development of a culture of Active Learning across the whole school

3. Social and emotional wellbeing, including resilience, confidence, problem solving and leadership

Why a school should buy?
Yoga with children is not about spirituality, it is about exploring different stories through yoga poses, breathing strategies and mindfulness. With the pressures of everyday life children are becoming more susceptible to stress. Many schools are now seeing the benefits that teaching yoga to children as young as 4 can have on their pupils’ ability not only to control their bodies but to control their emotions through the mindfulness and breathing techniques which are embedded in the programme.

These sessions, for pupils in EYFS and KS1, will explore the traditional yoga poses through stories in which they become the characters/animals. The adventures change each week or can be linked to stories which the pupils are studying in class. The yoga sessions can also link extremely well with the pupils’ Power of Reading texts allowing another strategy for them to explore the story

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Duration and Cost
6 x ½ day session – Each ½ day session can include up to 4 x 30 minute sessions (Max. 15 per group)
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