Music in Schools

Music for Schools

We help children and young people to listen, co-operate, concentrate, co-ordinate, develop manual dexterity, memory, self-control, imagination and confidence.

Learning to play an instrument is a journey of discovery, joy, challenge and fulfilment. The instrumental learning journey often starts in Key Stage 1 with the recorder or classroom percussion instruments. Every child has the opportunity to experience learning to play an instrument in Key Stage 2 as their manual dexterity,strength and co-ordination develop sufficiently to handle instruments such as the violin, trumpet or saxophone.

Children are introduced to instrumental learning through a whole class experience called First Access. Learning as a whole class is currently fully funded by our local Music Education Hub, called Musical Routes, for ten weeks (where this is the children’s first access in Key Stage 2 to instrumental learning). Whole class instrumental learning can continue for one or even two years. Thereafter, children usually continue to learn in small groups or in individual lessons.

Enhance your music curriculum with authentic world musical instruments. Class sets of instruments are available to schools to hire including world samba percussion, Indonesian gamelan, African drums and hand percussion.

Music Events

‘Children will remember Edsential events and performances well beyond their school years.’

Edsential provide large scale performance opportunities that really inspire children and enhance their learning and offer opportunities to showcase school music groups in large concert venues and outdoor bandstands.

We offer the amazing experience of playing an instrument alongside a professional symphony orchestra or singing in a cathedral.

Training for Teachers

We can help to plan and deliver engaging, musical lessons for children in schools. Our experienced music advisers, who are all practising teachers, will give you the keys to successful music curriculum planning and assessment. If you have the demanding role of Music Co-ordinator or Subject Leader, we will give you the tools to support and monitor colleagues and provide a broad and inspiring programme for children and young people both in and out of school.



Have you ever dreamed of playing the saxophone or something more unusual like the oboe or bassoon? Then make Edsential your first stop! Musical instruments can be hired or purchased directly from Edsential. Please contact for more details

We can provide an instrument from our extensive range of stock for you to hire for an agreed period. When you have decided which instrument suits you best, you may continue to hire or, alternatively, make a purchase.

Young people grow into skilled musicians who listen and co-operate with each other with confidence and creativity. Instrument tuition is provided by our team of qualified instrumentalists within schools and from our music centres in Chester, Ellesmere Port, Hartford, Winsford, Weaverham and Woodchurch.

Group lessons in schools are available for beginners, and as students’ progress and become more experienced they may prefer usually prefer to have an individual 20 or 30-minute lesson.  There are also plenty of opportunities for students to join groups as they progress

Learning to play an instrument is a lifelong skill which can benefit young people socially and academically.


Through the Edsential Musical Routes Music Education Hub, we are able able to offer a selection of fully funded, subsidised and chargeable services for those willing to learn to play music in schools.

Edsential Musical Routes funding is only available to schools in Cheshire West and on the Wirral.

Our 3 areas of funding, and the categories they fall under are listed below:

Fully Funded by Edsential Musical Routes

  • KS1: Live Music Roadshow
  • KS2: First Access to instrumental learning at (10 weeks) and live Music Roadshow
  • KS3-5: Secondary bespoke projects, Live Music Roadshow, Y3C Youth Choir
  • Teacher courses –NQTs and RQTs
  • Hub Meetings and conferences

Subsidisedby Edsential Musical Routes

Chargeable Services by Edsential Musical Routes

  • Teacher Training
  • Instrument Hire and Sales
  • Instrument Tuition