Edsential PE Passport

Edsential PE Passport is an efficient and effective tracking, assessment and reporting tool for PE, ‘Personal Development’ opportunities and physical activity. 

It has honestly made my life as PE Subject Leader so much easier.

PE Subject Leader,?Mount Primary?

The Details


  • Efficient and effective system for the assessment of Physical Education
  • Digital reports and analysis of all aspects of physical activity: Including extra-curricular clubs, competitions and events, and attainment across the PE curriculum
  • Set whole year timetables and plans for PE and Sport
  • Identify and report key trends and gaps in provision
  • Easily track and monitor data to allow prompt interventions
  • Track and monitor the impact of the PE Premium funding

Subscription Options

1 form entry school

  • 1 Year Subscription – £599
  • 2 Year Subscription – £1100
  • 3 Year Subscription – £1500

2 form entry school

  • 1 Year Subscription – £699
  • 2 Year Subscription – £1299
  • 3 Year Subscription – £1799

3 form entry school

  • 1 Year Subscription – £799
  • 2 Year Subscription – £1499
  • 3 Year Subscription – £2099

PE Passport Training and User Guides



Long Term Plans


How do I see the planning and assessment tools?

Setting up your Long-Term Plan

  • Click the + button next to each year group
  • You will then be able to assign a unit of work to each half term for that year group
  • These will then stay on the screen all year for everyone to see
  • By clicking on each unit of work you will be able access the planning and assessment tools.

How do I assess the children?

Within each focus of learning, there is the ‘Outcomes’ button at the top. This is for formative assessment and should be used within each lesson.

The easiest way is to select the ‘Outcomes’ button at the top, then select ‘Multiple Outcome Selection’ (as you can see below.) You can then select multiple children to assess at a time.

Assessment is done using three colours to establish if a child is working at: Emerging (Bronze), Expected (Silver) or Exceeding (Gold) standard for each assessment statement.

In the final focus of each unit of work, there will also be an ‘Assessment’ button. This is for summative assessment. Next to each child will be a circle saying the number of statements they have met. If you click on the circle, you can see a breakdown of their progress for that unit of work. This will then inform your overall assessment judgement for each child in that unit of work.

This information will then feed into the ‘Reporting and Analysis’ section where you can see the data for the whole school or specific children/ year groups.

Each child will also have an individual ‘PE Passport’ where you can see assessment and participation data for each child.


How do I upload pupil data?

As an ICO-registered data processor with GDPR compliance, PE Passport has a protected online upload area for schools that allows for safe, simple and swift transfer of mass pupil data from the school information management system to the app using an access code.

Please visit our secure website https://schooladmin.primarypepassport.co.uk


Enter the school username eg. school@edsential (in the space where it asks for an email) and the passcode 434823


You’ll find a template document available to download through this secure link, with the format and required fields to export data from the school information management system and then upload.

To create the relevant report in SIMS, go to Design and select the following elements:

Name     Year Group      School          Registration(Class)                Gender                        Ethnicity                   EAL                  SEN                         Pupil Premium

Once completed, save this as an Excel document and then click ‘Browse’ on the webpage to upload your document or copy and paste into the template as shown below:

Please note: Information in red MUST be completed. Information in yellow is OPTIONAL and can be added in manually later by going to the ‘Administration’ tab > Pupil Register. Here you can also add in new children or change of the information entered for a pupil.

Once uploaded, it will take up to 48 hours for your live pupil data to appear in your app.

GDPR Policy

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