Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity

Physical Education, Sport and Health plays a vital role in enthusing and inspiring children and young people to participate fully and develop a life long love of physical activity.

Our aim is to ensure every child leaves school physically literate, inspired and enthusiastic about participating in physical activity and with the knowledge, skills and motivation to equip them to feel good about themselves.

Our Team

With an experienced team of Advisors, Teachers, Specialists, Coaches and Instructors, Edsential are able to offer a range of high quality solutions whilst maintaining a commitment to ensuring best value. Our team have experience in a wide range of areas from Ofsted inspections to Family Engagement, and from Mental Health to Dance.

This support will empower schools and will enable the continual development of a whole school approach to Physical Education, Sport & Physical Activity.

Carl Sutton –
Service Lead

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I have spent the past 12 years working within primary school PE, Sport and Physical Activity. During this time I have taken on a number of roles from PE Subject Leader, EVC and PE Teacher to my current role of advising and delivering training for all school staff. I spent the past four years working as a specialist PE Teacher for Wirral Local Authority before moving to EdsentiaI in December 2015. I currently lead a team of teachers, coaches and specialists in the delivery of Edsentials’ PE, Sport and Physical Activity Programme and Lead the School Swimming Programme in Wirral. I have a real passion for PE and Sport and I have experienced first hand how it can transform the lives of young people.

Matt Reid – PE & Sport Specialist

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I have been working within Primary and Secondary schools for the past 4 years in a number of roles, ranging from Supply Teacher, Class Teacher and my most recent role as a PE teacher. Joining Edsential gives me the opportunity to pass on my own passion for PE and Sport and help children to achieve and enjoy being active.

Alex Barnes – PE & Sport Specialist

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I have spent the past 7 years working within Primary and Secondary schools across Cheshire West and Chester in a number of roles, ranging from Teaching Assistant, Class Teacher, PE Subject Leader and Specialist Sports Coach to my current role of delivering PE and CPD for school staff.

Having only left the Classroom in 2017 and joined the Edsential team in January 2018, I have now taken the opportunity to work full-time within my biggest passion: Helping children to be active and achieve success through PE, sport and physical activity.

Claire Annakin – PE & Sport Specialist

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I started working as a primary school teacher in 2014 after completing a BSc Sports Coaching degree and a PGCE. Having been a PE Subject Leader for the last 3 years, I have experienced first-hand what is expected of schools and the running of the PE curriculum.

I joined the Edsential team in September 2017 and have taken on a number of roles including the delivery of PE lessons; mentoring teachers to develop their PE teaching skills and confidence; and I am now lead member of staff for JASS (Junior Assessment Scheme for Schools), a progressive learning programme for primary school aged children, similar to the Duke of Edinburgh Award.

I am passionate about making a difference to young peoples’ lives and hope to do this through PE, Sport and outdoor learning.

PE and Sport Service Level Agreements

The Edsential PE, Sport and Physical Activity Service offer a range of products, services and packages to suit the needs of all schools. The three packages; Premium, Standard and Basic, offer a discounted option for schools wanting to focus on aspects of CPD, pupil engagement and school support, advice and guidance. Alternatively, schools can develop a bespoke package comprising of the individual services and products on offer.

Family Engagement

Our range of parental engagement programmes focus on the importance of developing relationships; between the school and the parents, but also between parents and their children. Research shows that parents taking an interest in their child’s school life “can improve attainment by an average of 15%… just by talking to your children about what they do in school.”, 2017.

Our programmes are designed to engage parents and pupils in physical activity together, and foster a whole family approach to be physically active. If we can convince parents of the benefits of a physically active lifestyle, a schools job of selling the same message to their children becomes a whole lot easier. The deliverers offer a service that is sensitive to the issues facing some parents and the bespoke nature of the programmes allow for changes to be made easily to meet the needs of all.

Pupil Engagement

We provide a range of opportunities for all children to become more active. From breakfast clubs and karate to cluster competitions and leadership training, our team of highly skilled and experienced coaches, teachers and specialists provide pupils with unique experiences in new and alternative activities, inclusive competitive events and highly rewarding leadership roles.

Competitions and Events

Edsential provide a range of festivals, competitions and events that ensure all children from F2 to Year 6 have opportunities to experience high quality Sport and Physical Activity in a safe and stimulating environment.

Netball 10th June St Bridget’s 3.30 – 4.45
Footgolf 24th June St Joseph’s Wallasey 1pm – 3pm
Summer Event of Sport 1st July Fender KS1 9.30 – 11.30

KS2 1.00 – 3.00

Rounder’s 8th July Heygarth 1pm – 3pm
Dodgeball 15th July Rock Ferry 1pm – 3pm

“The inclusive nature is great – the taking part and enjoyment is important and it doesn’t matter if you have had any previous experience of the game” primary teacher

“I’ve loved this competition, can we do it every week?” Year 3 pupil

“It was awesome, I even scored a goal” Year 2 pupil

“Even if we didn’t win I still enjoyed myself” Year 5 pupil

Pupils Taking for the First Time (85%)
Believe Competitions Have a Positive Effect on Performance in School (92%)
Average Rating of Competitions (95%)

Whole School Improvement

Edsential can support schools to use the power of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity to make whole school improvements. From raising aspirations through an inspiration assembly to increasing engagement by developing an active curriculum, our range of services and products can help to make an impact on attainment, attendance, self esteem and Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing.

Professional Development

Our team of highly experienced teachers and specialists can provide professional development for all members of school staff. Edsential strongly believe, that to ensure sustainable impact of the PE Premium, the development of existing school staff is vital. We can offer a range of support from a 6 week in school team teaching model, to staff insets and twilights and governor, Headteacher and Subject Leader training.

“In the schools visited, most of the funding is being used to improve teachers’ subject knowledge and enable them to work alongside specialist teachers and coaches to observe and learn new skills and techniques from them”.

Ofsted, 2014


Giving pupils the opportunity to lead is paramount in their overall development. The Play Maker award allows children to track and write down their leadership experiences through the use of a journal. They will be given the chance to enhance social and emotional skills such as communication, teamwork and decision making as well as growing character traits such as confidence and resilience.

This will be done through the programme where they will deliver suitable games to each other in a safe environment and learn to use the energy club cards which they will be able to use at lunch times and play times to increase other pupils activity levels.

playmaker leaflet_Page_1
  1. Focuses on core areas of leadership; participants, area, communication and equipment

  2. Easy to use and accessible comprehensive resources for school staff and PlayMakers. Use the Energy Club activity ideas to deliver sessions.

  3. Leadership challenges gives ideas of how PlayMakers can put their leadership skills into practice.

  4. Parent/carer involvement is encouraged with home based activities.

  5. Recognition of achievement through downloadable certificates.

  6. Supports Key Stage 2 curriculum for English, Physical Education, PHSE and citizenship.


“We are delighted with the impact Edsential have had in a short time on our PE and Sport provision. We already have a clear action plan in place to improve participation and enjoyment, based on pupil voice survey. Two assemblies have already got the pupils interested and enthused again in P.E, and as an SLT, we are confident in the quality, delivery, progression and assessment of our curriculum P.E.”

Deborah Richard, Headteacher, Cathcart Street Primary School, Birkenhead

“Very beneficial, lots of assistance and support in all areas of need. Helpful and kind approach from the Edsential staff member with a vast knowledge in the subject area. I am now more confident with how to challenge and stretch all children, how to include all, even those on a bench without kit. Outstanding knowledge and practise from the tutor.”  Teacher – St Peter’s Primary School

 “Lots of positive ideas – the Curriculum Support model is a great supportive tool which has developed my teaching of PE!”

Teacher – Hillside Primary School


PE Premium

What can I spend the PE Premium on?

A school can choose to spend the PE and Sports Funding on anything that improves current provision of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity. The funding cannot be spent on PPA cover or replacing the delivery of the existing curriculum. The two key words are Additional (in addition to what you already do) and sustainable (if the funding stopped at the end of the year, what would the lasting impact be?). For further information visit our dedicated PE Premium page or the DfE PE premium page

When and how do I publish the information on the schools’ website?

Schools are required to publish a clear outline of how the have spent the funding effectively, including evidence of impact. This should be on a schools website by April of the current academic year, although many schools prefer to publish a plan in September and update the impact as and when it happens. If you would like support with meeting statutory requirements using an approved website format? Click here

Can I spend PE premium funding on Mental Health?

Schools may choose to use the funding to target mental health. This would meet the criteria if physical activity was being used as a way of meeting mental health realted outcomes. Hiring an Educational Psychologist or Cognitive Behavious Therapist would not come under the current guidelines unless there was a significant physical activity focus. See ‘Personal Best’, ‘Family Activity’ or ‘Active Staff’ for ideas of how to use Physical Activity to impact on Mental Health.

How much will our school receive in 2017/18?

Schools with 16 or fewer eligible pupils receive £1,000 per pupil. Schools with 17 or more eligible pupils receive £16,000 and an additional payment of £10 per pupil.

Teaching & Learning

How many hours of Physical Education do we need to teach each week?

Extracted from Quality of Curriculum in PE – Ofsted, 2014

Outstanding – Pupils have two hours of core PE lessons each week in all key stages. In schools with significantly less than this in any key stage, all pupils are provided with extra activities during and after school to enable them to make outstanding progress and attain very high standards.

Good – Pupils have close to two hours of core PE lessons each week in all key stages. A good range of additional awards and qualifications in PE and sport, and a broad enrichment programme enable most pupils to make good progress and exceed expectations of them.

Requires improvement – Pupils participate in weekly PE, but not enough time is allocated to core PE lessons to enable them to make good progress.

Inadequate – Not enough time is allocated to core PE in one or more key stages to enable all pupils to make sufficient progress.

Can earrings be worn in PE?

Please follow the link for a full answer from the Association for PE