PE Subject Leadership

PE Subject Leadership


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This programme supports

  1. Effective Leadership and Management of Physical Education, Sport and Physical Activity, including sustainable use of PE

Premium funding

  1. New OFSTED Framework – Personal development, behaviour and welfare
  2. Raising the profile of PE and Sport across the whole school


Why a school should buy

A member of our team will take the role of PE Subject Leader for your school.


Evidence from schools so far:

  • Increased participation rates (competitions, events and extra-curricular clubs)
  • PE Curriculum designed bespoke to each school
  • Sustainable systems now embedded across the school (active play times, curriculum assessment, tracking participation and engagement)


* Curriculum development – Intent, implementation and impact

* Learning walks, staff professional development and in-house staff training

* Increasing levels of physical activity across the whole school day

* Organisation of PE and sport in your school (curriculum), alongside extra-curricular activities (after school clubs and competitions)

* Specialist interventions (motor skills, physical literacy and active learning)

* Governors reports, website compliance, ensuring best use of PE Premium funding and applications for awards

“Having a member of Edsential staff as our PE lead since September 2019, we can confidently say that we have already seen an impact on how PE is being led across our school. Since joining us 3 months ago, we have successfully started to achieve some of the targets we set as a school including increasing extra-curricular participation, increasing activity levels at lunch times, introducing a new planning and assessment tool, as well as performance managing our sports apprentice. We have found that PE is being extremely well lead and managed across the school.”

Deputy Headteacher – St Anne’s Catholic Primary School



  • Edsential PE and Sport Advisor
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