Edsential Safeguarding

Safeguarding is at the core of our business. Edsential is clear that it is everybody’s duty is to promote the safety and welfare of children, young people, adults, and its workforce

Edsential CiC is committed to Safeguarding in line with national legislation and relevant national and local guidelines: we encourage all our staff and those engaged with our provision to raise safeguarding concerns, recognising and reporting harm experienced anywhere, including within our activities, within other organised community or voluntary activities, in the community, in the person’s own home and in any care setting.


Our Safeguarding Team

Mark Aspden
Designated Safeguarding Lead

Mark Aspden

07879 113367


Designated Safeguarding Lead

Kate Lodge

07710 706176


Within the organisation, Edsential has an overall Designated Lead, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and each service area has a Safeguarding Lead.

Business Support       Helen Manger

Catering Service         Tracy Moore

Cleaning Service         Andrew Allmark

Music Service              Alison Corten

Governance Service      Mark Aspden

HAF                                   Heather Lewis

LOTC                                Bethan Cooper-Weston

Health and Wellbeing     Carl Sutton

Conway Centre Anglesey          Maria McQuillan

Conway Centres Cheshire        Carl Sutton & Bethan Cooper-Weston

HR                                       Alison Wolden

Dealing with concerns (For Schools, Parents/Carers and other settings)


If you have any concerns about an Edsential member of staff:

  1. Please contact the Designated Safeguarding Lead.
  2. In the event of the Designated Safeguarding Lead being unavailable, please contact the Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead.

Dealing with concerns (For Edsential Staff)


Where there is a concern about the safety, welfare, behaviour or conduct of a child or adult, or an allegation of abuse is disclosed, Edsential staff must:

Immediately raise the concern with the Designated Safeguarding Lead for that setting or school

Immediately raise that concern to the Service Safeguarding Lead,

Edsential Designated Safeguarding Lead

Edsential Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead


You may be asked to complete one of the following:

Safer Recruitment

As a trusted and responsible provider of services to schools, the safety and welfare of children is of utmost importance at Edsential. We use the Government’s guidance on ‘Safer Recruitment’ to ensure that the necessary checks, designed to protect the welfare of children, are carried out for every single member of our own staff and that of any of our contractors


Further information about safeguarding training will appear here when available