Edsential Competitions for All

Edsential Competitions for All


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The Edsential competitions are designed to provide an inclusive atmosphere for all children of all age groups throughout the school year. The focus of these events is to provide opportunities and experiences across a range high quality Sport and Physical Activity in a safe and stimulating environment.

You will see from the events list that there are a wide variety of events available throughout the year and we ensure all abilities are catered for.  During last years events for over 80% of pupils taking part it was their first time representing the school. For the majority of these pupils it was also the first time they had played the sport they were taking part in.


The Edsential events and competitions allow for flexibility where rules are adapted, team sizes can be changed to ensure all schools and pupils are accommodated. It is a safe and positive environment for pupils to learn and compete in with the main emphasis of all events being participation and enjoyment.

The events calendar will be updated so please keep on checking the website so you and your pupils don’t miss out! 




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