Fitness and Nutrition Workshops

Fitness and Nutrition Workshops


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This programme supports

  1. Tackling the national obesity crisis
  2. Meeting Chief Medical Officers guidelines’ for 60 minutes of physical activity each day
  3. Promoting and raising the profile of being physically active and maintaining a healthy balanced diet

Why a school should buy

Edsential are able to offer a range of individual programmes and packages to support schools in the areas identified above.

Fitness and Nutrition workshops aim to engage, excite and educate pupils and staff in the benefits and importance of being physically active and maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Each booking consists of 2 x 1/2 days of workshops delivered to whole classes.

What to find out a bit more?

Check out some of the suggested themes for your workshops below. Each workshop is planned according to the age of the class and the selected theme.

Fitness and Nutrition Workshops



  • Edsential Physical Health and Wellbeing Advisor

Fitness and Nutrition Workshops

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