FUNdamentals Programme

FUNdamentals Programme


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This programme supports

  1. Pupils with poor gross motor skills
  2. Physical literacy of less active pupils
  3. Pupils attaining Age Related Expectations at end of KS1

Why a school should buy

This programme combines the KS1 PE Age Related Expectations with Early Learning Goals physical development and aims to develop pupils with low gross motor skills. Each group takes part in carefully designed activities that focus on developing physical literacy. As a result of this, children should begin to develop resilience, confidence and a love of physical activity. The activities are not competitive; the key message is always about each young person developing physical literacy and improving their gross motor skills. At the start of each programme young people complete a baseline assessment relating to the Age-Related Expectations for EYFS and Key Stage 1. The programme will be designed bespoke for each school based on this initial assessment.

Targeted groups will include those who struggle to with gross motor skills or have gaps in their physical development from Early Years.

Who is this programme for?

Children and Young People who:

  • Are demonstrating poor gross motor skills.
  • Are less active outside of school and struggle with their Physical Literacy.
  • Will struggle to meet ARE at the end of Key Stage 1.
  • Are lacking confidence within PE
  • Would benefit from sensory stimulation (sensory circuit)

Duration – 6 x ½ days

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