PE Curriculum Design

PE Curriculum Design


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This programme supports

  1. New Ofsted Framework
  2. Delivery of a progressive curriculum

Why a school should buy

The Curriculum Design support provides a supportive approach to the design and development of an individual PE and Sport Curriculum that matches the specific needs of your pupils. In response to the Ofsted Framework (September 2019) and feedback from Ofsted visits since September 2019, schools are being asked to show how their curriculum meets the needs of their pupils through the logical planning of curriculum intent, matching intent with curriculum implementation and ensuring the curriculum impact is in line with the vision and aims of the subject. This process will support subject leaders in reflecting on their current curriculum and ensuring their future curriculum meets the needs of the school and its pupils.



½ day subject leader meeting to establish the curriculum Intent, Implementation and Impact.

Use of curriculum mapping tool to identify priorities, gaps in provision and to write a curriculum vision

Design and printing of a curriculum map poster

PE Curriculum Design

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