Data Support Services

Data Reports

The Data Service produces very early results reports, typically in July, before schools break for the summer.

The reports include national and local authority comparisons and, where schools subscribe, benchmarking data of other schools in the local authority. Schools can also view the data of key pupil groups.

The reports have been significantly upgraded and now include pupil-level reports, governor dashboards, gaps reports, KS2 scatter plots and a print-multiple reports facility.

Reports: Schools are provided with the following:

  • Simple-to-use interactive desktop databases (one for KS2 and the other for EYFSP, Phonics and KS1, according to the school)
  • A suite of PDF reports on request (again, according to the school)
  • Estimated ASP Summary Report (on request)
  • Estimated Ofsted IDSR dashboard (on request)

Telephone/email support:

This covers any queries the school may have regarding its own data, the DfE’s ASP reports, Ofsted’s IDSR dashboard or FFT.


Discounted training for governors attending any courses run by the Data Service.  We also offer bespoke training for staff and governors.

Wirral schools: The Data Service price for Wirral schools includes FFT Aspire and NOVA online reports. Please note that FFT Aspire is provided by Fischer on a financial year basis.

The RADY Project

The RADY Project is a new approach to closing the attainment gap.

The RADY project aims to eliminate the attainment gap by first ensuring that the targets set for disadvantaged children are, on average, the same as those set for other children. But so-called ‘aspirational’ targets, by themselves, are not sufficient, so a novel approach to tracking and monitoring pupil progress is introduced. The combined approach increases the sensitivity of schools’ tracking and monitoring systems to underachievement. RADY itself does not provide intervention – its aim is to provide more accurate information on which pupils are most in need of extra support at the right time to enable the greatest impact.

“A Potential Game Changer”; ex-HMI

Amanda Spielman – Ofsted’s Chief Inspector- noted the value Birmingham schools placed on their RADY project

Dave Hollomby – Data Manager


Dave taught physics for over 20 years in secondary schools in Liverpool and Knowsley.  He has also worked as science adviser for Wirral and Liverpool, during which time he was asked to develop data analyses – long before before RAISEonline and FFT appeared on the scene!

More recently he worked with several Wirral secondary schools on a project to close the attainment gap for disadvantaged children.  The project was presented to a national conference of the ADCS and as a result it has been adopted in other local authorities around the country.

Dave has developed a comprehensive suite of performance data reports for primary, junior and infant schools, the main aim of which is to get key information to schools before the end of the summer term.  Feedback from schools indicates this is particularly useful, especially if a visit from Ofsted is expected before other data sources become available.

Dave has very extensive experience in providing training for teachers, headteachers and governors.