PE Scheme of Work

PE Scheme of Work


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This Programme Supports
1. Engaging all pupils in a high-quality and relevant Physical
Education curriculum
2. Attainment of pupils in Physical Education, including physical,
cognitive, social and emotional aspects
3. Raising standards of teaching and learning in Physical Education


Why a School Should Buy?
Launched just over 12 months ago, our PE Scheme of Work will help to support school staff in delivering high-quality outcomes within PE for all children.
Dynamic – The structure of the Scheme of Work allows schools to teach in a way which suits their needs and aims. All units of work are structured to allow for teaching to be either skills based, or games based.
Adaptable – Being hosted online ensures that we can constantlychange and adapt our Scheme of Work to meet the changing needs
of the schools using it.
Collaborative – ‘Request Tokens’ allow for schools to request bespoke content to be created for them each year. This content is then added for all schools to use, allowing a collaborative approach across schools towards teaching and learning.

The 2020 PE Scheme of Work is now available online as a 12 month subscription. This will allow regular updates and new units of work over the next 12 months plus each school will have 5 requests included with their subscription. This can include 5 bespoke lesson plans written on request or bespoke videos developed to further support their teaching.

The updated 2020 Scheme of Work with packed full of new features and content but still retains the essence of the original Scheme of Work.

12-month subscription to Edsential PE Scheme of Work (online platform)
FREE Assessment system for all year groups
Adaptable whole-school Long-Term Planning tool
Progression of skill documents for all key areas of learning (Physical, Thinking, Social and Emotional and Healthy Active Lifestyles skills)
5 ‘Request Tokens’

The Scheme of Work still has:

Clear focus on providing teaching plans for teachers who want to teach good quality Physical Education

Balance between physical and non physical aspects of PE

Thorough teaching points and ideas for activities

Flexible plans to allow teachers to interpret and develop their own ways of delivering.


PE Scheme of Work

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