Staff Wellbeing

Staff Wellbeing


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Addressing the Challenges:

  • Staff Knowledge, Skills and Confidence
  • Leadership Ability to Implement Strategy
  • Staff Wellbeing


Why a School Should Buy:

Mindfulness training helps explore and understand the mind and provides mental tools to be proactive in managing responses, actions and behaviours. In doing so mindfulness training also develops resilience.


The techniques are easy to use on a day to day basis providing leaders and staff with the ability to support themselves to apply mindfulness to every aspect of their day during both calm and chaotic times. This training is for leaders and whole staff/individuals/targeted staff groups and can also be provided for the school to support parents / carers


Support staff to engage in regular activity with weekly sessions delivered on the school site. Mindfulness has been scientifically proven to have a positive effect on Mental Health & Wellbeing. We want staff to ensure that they have a strong work-life balance. Includes an impact and evaluation report.


Programme Details:

Time: Inset, Twilight or Weekly

Cost: From £100 + VAT per twilight

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