Whole Class Musical Instrument Learning

Whole Class Musical Instrument Learning


Edsential’s whole class instrumental learning brings expert musicians into school to work alongside class teachers.



If our teachers are not able to visit schools during the Covid-19 period, we will deliver this product remotely through a blend of live video conferencing and pre-recorded video resources. Learning to play an instrument is a journey of discovery, joy, challenge and fulfilment. The instrumental learning journey often starts in Key Stage 1 with the recorder or classroom percussion instruments which Edsential teaches as part of our Music Makers programme. In Key Stage 2, children’s manual dexterity, strength and co-ordination develop sufficiently to handle instruments such as the violin, trumpet or saxophone.

Whole class instrumental learning is most appropriate for Key Stage 2 and may continue for one or two years. Thereafter, children usually continue to learn in small groups or in individual lessons. Whole class learning is available with strings, woodwind, brass, guitar, ukulele, recorder or world percussion such as Indonesian gamelan, African drums and samba band. Instruments are provided.




Per hour: £40 + VAT

Half day (2.5 hours): £95 + VAT

Full day (5 hours): £180 + VAT



Most instruments are £6 per instrument per term.

Percussion class sets are £150 per term.

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