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Edsential Musical Routes

A high-quality music education engages and inspires pupils to work together, embrace other cultures, explore emotions, build imagination, develop language skills, self-confidence and intellectual curiosity.

Edsential brings quality music to all educational settings through instrumental and vocal tuition, tailored support, special projects, live music performances, creative workshops and instrument hire. We nurture young musicians and help them progress on each step of their musical journey as individuals and within ensembles.

Investing in music education prepares students for the 21st century by encouraging them to think creatively. Not only does music education aid language development and concentration, but also helps children understand the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and aspire to greater things.

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Music for Schools

We help children and young people to listen, co-operate, concentrate, co-ordinate, develop manual dexterity, memory, self-control, imagination and confidence.

Enhance your music curriculum with authentic world musical instruments. Class sets of instruments are available to schools to hire including world samba percussion, Indonesian gamelan, African drums and hand percussion.

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Music Portal

Please use the Music Service Portal to make an enquiry about instruments lessons or music groups in one of the Edsential Music Centres. Once your enquiry is received, we will work as quickly as possible to match you with a suitable opportunity to learn your chosen instrument or to get you started playing in one of our inspiration music groups. If we can’t find a space straight away, your information will be safely stored on our waiting list until we have a suitable vacancy to offer you.