Edsential Musical Routes

A high-quality music education engages and inspires pupils to work together, embrace other cultures, explore emotions, build imagination, develop language skills, self-confidence and intellectual curiosity.

Edsential brings quality music to all educational settings through instrumental and vocal tuition, tailored support, special projects, live music performances, creative workshops and instrument hire. We nurture young musicians and help them progress on each step of their musical journey as individuals and within ensembles.

Investing in music education prepares students for the 21st century by encouraging them to think creatively. Not only does music education aid language development and concentration, but also helps children understand the value of sustained effort to achieve excellence and aspire to greater things.


Edsential’s creative music-making programme for EYFS and Key Stage 1 Children in school settings.

Edsential’s music schemes, events, PPA and training for Key Stage 2 and 3.

Edsential’s extensive range of music services and products geared to secondary schools.

Please use the Music Service Portal to make an enquiry about instruments lessons or music groups in our Centres. We will work as quickly as possible to match you with a suitable opportunity to learn your chosen instrument. The portal can also be used for bookings, payments and receiving updates.

To support with the continuation of Music Education during COVID-19 measures we’ve taken our Music Instrumental Learning online.

Are you a young person looking to learn a new instrument or make new friends by joining an ensemble? Click here, to browse our new page where you can meet the music tutors, watch videos and take part in interactive games!

Our music centres encourage a passion for music in a safe and friendly learning environment. We provide lessons for young people from a beginners to advanced level and offer an affordable membership which provides them access to their nearest ensemble.

Browse our extensive range of music instruments for hire, both individual and group lessons and find out more about our music tutors.