Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)

SEND at Edsential

Edsential have high aspirations for improving outcomes for all children regardless of ability or need.

Our team provides SEND advice and guidance to schools through CPD, audits and consultation; providing SENCOs with support to help them ensure that the SEND statutory obligations are met and high standards of provision are in place within school settings. Training is also available for the wider workforce: governors, mid-days and Parent workshops.

By signing up to a SLA agreement, you are entitled to:

  • A half termly overview of your SEND school website
  • A monthly SEND update e-mail including available training courses

Advice and guidance by e-mail or phone, and access to SEN resources and documents online.

Sue Calveley – SEND Manager

I have taught in the primary sector for over 30 years, realising early on in my career that I wanted to support pupils with special educational needs. For the last 17 years I worked in a Dyslexic specialist school, and for a short while in the newly opened hub for pupils on the Autistic Spectrum.

My experience in this setting gives added credibility to the training courses I deliver. I have a PG Cert in SpLD and AMBDA trained.

For five years, I have delivered units for the ‘National SENCo Award’ in partnership with Manchester Metropolitan University and have now become a recognised Associate Fellow for the institution.  I have written course materials for the SENCo Award and also for SEN magazine.

I work full-time for Edsential providing bespoke training to match your needs through governor, mid-day training, and parents’ workshops.

Contact: sue.calveley@edsential.co.uk  or 07710706173

The Code of Practice 2015 states:

“Every teacher is responsible and accountable for all pupils in their class wherever or with whoever the pupils are working.”

What does this mean in my setting?

Whilst Teaching Assistants may deliver interventions or group work, the class teacher is ultimately responsible for the planning and needs regular dialogue with the deliverer re pupil progress.

The recommendations of the ‘Education Endowment Foundation’ (EEF) stress the importance of dialogue with the class teacher, involvement in planning and ensuring TA’s are fully prepared for their roles in the classroom.

TA’s need to add value to what teachers do…not replace them. 

How can Edsential support me as a SENCo?*

*If you would like a more bespoke package, please contact Sue Calveley

Small/Rural schools offer to be launched in September. 

Tier 1:  £500 per year

  • A half termly overview of your SEND school website.
  • A monthly SEND update e mail including available training courses.
  • Advice and guidance by e mail or phone, and access to SEN resources and documents on line.
  • A one hour Parents workshop at your location on a chosen SEND topic.
  • One place at the termly Edsential SENCo cluster update.

Tier 2:  £950 per year

Tier 1 plus:

  • 1:1 termly SEND review/ paperwork check (half day equivalent) with SENCo. Agenda to be agreed to suit best use of time for each SENCo.
  • Staff or TA training (equivalent of 3 hours in total per academic year) in any aspect of SpLd, Autism or SEMH, NQT support. This could be an INSET morning or afternoon, twilights, or staff meeting

Tier 3:    £1250 per year

Tier 1 and 2 plus:

  • SEND governor training (one course equivalent). If you already purchase the Edsential Governors SLA, an alternative arrangement can be discussed.
  • One free place per academic year at an Edsential SEND conference


SEND Provision and the SEND Register

SEN Provision

SEN Provision is “education or training which is additional to /different from that which is made for other children of the same age in mainstream schools/settings.”-That which is not ordinarily available.

In every classroom, teachers plan a differentiated curriculum, those accessing the work tailored for lower ability groups are not necessarily SEND.

If, however, a child has an individual time table as they cannot access QFT this is indicative of SEND provision.

Pupils accessing support from outside agencies may also be receiving ‘above and beyond QFT’.


The SEND register

Pupils accessing ‘above and beyond QFT’ may be listed on your SEND register. Each SEND pupils is unique and may have have more than one area of need. It is important to note primary/secondary needs in order to form a whole picture of the child: Child centred/one page profiles are an excellent way of developing a plan as how best to support the individual.


Four Broad Areas of Need

Four broad areas of need give an overview of the range of needs that should be planned for, not to fit a pupil into a category. For more information see sections 6.28–6.35 of the Code. The broad areas of need are:

  • Communication and interaction
  • Cognition and learning
  • Social, emotional and mental health
  • Sensory and/or physical needs.















What training can I access?

For teachers or TAs:

  • Barriers to Learning (general overview useful for NQTs)
  • Supporting pupils Autism
  • Supporting pupils with Processing difficulties – a ready made
  • Practical workshop to support Dyspraxia (DCD) in your setting.
  • ADHD and strategies to keep pupils on task.
  • Supporting pupils with SEMH in our primary settings.
  • Working with Dyslexic pupils.

Parents workshops: in any of the above

  • Supporting primary school pupils with Dyscalculia.
  • Mental Health and Anxiety in our Primary Setting
  • Exploring Numicon across the Primary Setting:
  • Supporting young people around bullying.
  • Mid-day training- working with pupils with challenging behaviour.
  • Successful Reading Partnership training. (SRP)
  • Looking at Interventions for SEND pupils
  • Writing one page profiles. (PCP)
  • Phonics refresher for TAs or NQTs.
  • Dealing with Anxiety in our setting
  • Supporting pupils with Attachment issues
  • Sensory Processing difficulties
  • The Impact of Visual Stress

Governor Training

  • The role of the SEND Governor
  • The impact of SEMH in our schools

Support for the School SENCo

  • SEND Audit/Review
  • Working with/the deployment of Teaching Assistants
  • Using the Sandwell Maths Assessment
  • Bespoke SENCo support
  • Dyslexic Screening

I’m a new SENCo

How can you support me?

Edsential deliver the National SENCo Award in partnership with Manchester Met. We deliver one full taught session per half term and 4 half day mentor sessions throughout the year.

Rather than travelling to Manchester, we deliver our course at The Village Hotel Bromborough.

Contact Sue Calveley for more details. Our cohorts run from October, but registration opens in May.


The Five Minute Literacy Box and Number Box resources. Used with all children for short sessions on a regular basis, the programmes cover the basic skills of Literacy and Maths in simple steps. Each programme uses tried and tested multisensory teaching methods, with easy-to use progress sheets.

Email info@fiveminutebox.co.uk for more information. £99.00

I am using this amazing book in my training sessions. Dennis Piper, the author has agreed that I can sell it for £25 as opposed to the £37 on Amazon

Priority will go to schools who buy the SEND SLA.

Contact me for more details

Times Table Rockstars

The government are introducing a times table screening in 2020. Have you trialed ‘Times Table Rockstars’ ? Which is free for the first month  – visit https://ttrockstars.com/home for further details

Family memberships start from £6

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What Our Client’s Say…

Supporting Pupils with ADHD

“I thought the training was excellent and perfectly pitched. Everyone who came enjoyed it and found it useful. Also, thank you for the resources you passed on.”

Person Centred Planning    

“Loved Sue’s anecdotal presentation style! Very friendly and approachable- got message across well!”

“Lovely resources and materials!”

SEND Governor Training

“Invaluable information and preparation for inspection and providing knowledge of SEN in primary schools”.

Planning and delivering a Maths workshop helping parents to support their children at home

“I have wanted to do a workshop for a few years, but was a little apprehensive how to manage it alone! I really appreciate your help here!”

Working with pupils with Dyscalculia.

“Excellent! Thank you so much. Loads of ideas for my class and to pass on as a staff meeting. Great morning!”