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Edsential serves the most ethical and highest quality school meals in the UK. Our catering teams serve over 5 million meals in schools every year, carefully sourcing every bite to bring young people the most sustainable, seasonal, healthy and super tasty food!
Edsential Beef Pie


All our meat comes from a traditional local butcher, ensuring we can trace top quality meat from field to fork.

All our meat is traceable, British, safe to eat and produced responsibly.

Our eggs and the hens they come from meet stringent international standards, are British and are not reared in cages.

Seafood with this mark comes from an MSC certified sustainable fishery. www.msc.org. In addition, all fish we serve is compliant with ‘Fish to Eat’ government guideline

Our seasonal menus mean young people are in receipt of dynamic new flavours and the freshest, ripest ingredients.

We use approved organic foods that meet the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection.

Our menus meet the School Food Standards and adhere to the ‘5-a-day’ guidelines.

We are the first catering company in the world to use only sustainable palm oil in our menus.


All menus run on a 3 week cycle and available daily, is freshly baked bread, seasonal vegetables, salad, fresh fruit and organic yoghurt.

All Edsential menus meet the ‘School Food Standards‘ 

We like to give schools the option of allowing pupils to participate in choosing their favourite menus, by choosing as a whole class/school or via a focus/school council group.

We like to share and talk about the menus on offer with pupils. This is to promote element of the choice and empower children in your school to be ambassadors for new menus. We believe a menu that is chosen by pupils will encourage uptake.

You can read more about school food standards on the School Food Plan website.


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Our aim is to achieve the best for your school, your students, staff and governors nurturing positive client relationships, empowering a skilled workforce and driving a culture of high expectations.

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