Does your school want to make the world of difference?

Does your school want to make the world of difference?

Our sustainable palm oil journey started in 2018, where we were asked how we were going to support the use of sustainable Palm Oil through school catering. But rather than just promote the use of sustainable Palm Oil, we wanted to make a real difference.  

Our catering team worked tirelessly researching the effects of palm oil. The team worked with suppliers to ensure that any products which contained palm oil were sourced sustainably. That’s when we became the World’s First Certified Sustainable Palm Oil Catering Company, certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) in July 2019.  

We are so pleased to have this month had our second audit and have now received our accreditation for the 2nd year running! The RSPO’s standards state that accredited sustainable palm oil companies must use products that are: 

  • Free from deforestation
  • Free from destruction of peatlands 
  • Protect human rights 

On our Sustainable Palm Oil journey, we have been able to work alongside some great companies who share the same values, including Chester Zoo. We enrolled on the Sustainable City Project in Chester and supported Chester in becoming the World’s First Sustainable Palm Oil City.  

Not only do we use Sustainable Palm Oil, our menus meet the School Food Standards and the ingredients we use meet the Soil Association Food For Life Bronze Award. We provide fresh, nutritionally balanced food along with a varied choice of great salads, fresh bread and delicious fruit every day. 

  • All meat is ‘Red Tractor’ assured. This ensures food and drink is traceable, safe to eat, produced responsibly and meets animal welfare & environmental guidelines. 
  • All our meat comes from Birtwisle’s Butchers, a traditional local butcher based in Northwich. This ensures we can trace top quality meat from ‘Field to Fork’ in line with the ‘Red Tractor’ standards. 
  • We only use Red Lion Eggs.?The scheme provides an assurance that hens and their eggs meet stringent International standards, are British and not reared in cages. 
  • Our food is assured by the RSPCA, who are dedicated to farm animal welfare. This ensures that the food we use comes from farm animals who were treated with compassion & respect throughout their lives. 
  • All our fish is certified as ‘Fish to Eat’?– meaning it is sourced responsibly and comes from a certified sustainable fishery. This protects and safeguards seafood supplies. 
  • We use ‘Soil Association’ approved organic foods. This ensures that they meet the highest standards of animal welfare, environmental and wildlife protection. 
  • We use Fairtrade produce. Our food is procured responsibly and ethically, promoting the protection of workers’ rights and safe working environments. 
  • All our lunches adhere to the ‘5-a-day’ guidelines. 

 We are so proud to have made a difference whilst providing children in our schools with delicious and nutritious meals. We believe passionately in providing meals for children to let them be the best they can, whilst giving children a voice to get involved with our ‘Build Your Own’ menus.  

Are you interested in making the world of difference and switching to Edsential as your catering provider? 

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