Governor Hub Subscription (1st May 2021/30th April 2022)

Governor Hub Subscription (1st May 2021/30th April 2022)


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Governor Hub is an online service designed to help governing boards run efficiently.  It is used by over 6,000 schools across the country. Governor Hub helps trustees, governors and clerks to communicate and store documents, membership details, meeting schedules and other information in one secure and accessible place.

Governor Hub brings together the key things you need as a governing body in a GDPR-compliant system:

  • Confidential encrypted online storage of documents in one place, accessible by all the members of the governing board.
  • Links to DfE and Ofsted data about the school.
  • Tools for clerks to manage membership, roles, committees and organise meetings quickly and easily.
  • Apps for iPad, iPhone and Android which can be used to download documents to use in meetings even if there’s no Internet access.

Governor Hub also links trustees and governors with their local Governor Support service – in their local authority, clerking service or multi-academy trust.

This includes:

  • News and information from the local experts within the Governor Services or MAT team.
  • Answers to most commonly asked questions.
  • Standard documents from your Governor Services or MAT team.
  • The ability to book training, track your training record and download certificates for courses taken.

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The Governor Hub subscription runs from 1st May to 30th April. However, if a school would like to purchase the subscription part way through the year, the cost will be reduced as explained below: The subscription is made of of a £100 license fee and £100 administration fee. If purchased part way through a year, a school will pay the £100 admin fee plus a percentage of the license fee linked to the number of months remaining until April. For example, if a school purchases in January, they would pay £100 admin fee plus 3/12ths of the £100 license fee = £25. For more information on purchasing Governor hub part way through the year please get in touch.

Governor Hub subscription will start on 01/05/2021 and continue for 365 days

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Governor Hub subscription will start on 01/05/2021 and continue for 365 days

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