Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher Appointments

Headteacher/Deputy Headteacher Appointments


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This includes:

  • Advice and guidance on the appointment and selection process, including the make-up of the selection panel, salary issues, time scale, the preparation of the advertisement, job description, person specification and other material to be supplied to candidates, ensuring conformance to legal requirements and recommended best practice, including such areas as equal opportunities and current government guidance on safer recruitment practices. 
  • Placing of the advert in your agreed choice of media.  This may incur additional cost for the school dependent on the form of media used. E.g. TES 
  • Handling expressions of interest from potential candidates and the production, despatch and receipt of application forms and associated material to and from applicants for the post. 
  • Arranging a meeting to shortlist the candidates for interview; production of agenda; application packs and supporting information for the meeting; attendance at the meeting.  The production of minutes of the meeting. 
  • Offer advice on the formats available for the interview and suggestions for areas on which panel members might wish to question candidates, ensuring that such questions do not breach any legislative requirements.   
  • Scheduling interviews and accommodation. 
  • Issuing invitations for shortlisted candidates to be invited to interview and managing queries, obtaining references on those candidates. 

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