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Music Medals


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If you are learning to play an instrument with an Edsential Music Tutor, please order and pay for your Music Medal here. Your tutor will have sent you a letter with all the details you require to submit your order online.


The ABRSM Music Medal is an innovative form of QCA accredited public assessment for instrumental pupils taught in groups and it is assessed by the teacher in the instrumental lesson.  Teacher assessments are moderated by examiners at the examination board, and in order that this can be done, the lesson during which the assessment is made needs to be recorded on video and sent to the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music in London.  Once the assessment has been moderated, your child will be given a written review of his/her performance and, if successful, will be awarded the relevant Music Medal in the form of an actual medal plus a certificate.


For more information about Music Medals you can visit the website here


In purchasing the Music Medal fee, you give consent for the pupil’s music lesson to be recorded on video and sent to the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music for the purpose of moderation. A small selection of tapes will also be archived by the Board. The copyright of the video-recording of Music Medals assessments passes to ABRSM.


Music tutors will use various devices available to them to make recordings. This could be a tablet device or a traditional video camera. Video cassettes are not returned from the exam board and are wiped clean or destroyed. In general, Edsential Music Service tutors will record using an iPad. Some recordings may be retained for a period of time for the purposes of internal moderation and staff appraisal.

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