Individual/Small Group Music Tuition

Individual/Small Group Music Tuition


Edsential Music Service offers high quality individual and small group tuition in a range of styles and genres. Standards of tuition are outstanding, and tuition is delivered by highly skilled, DBS cleared instrumental tutors.

Lessons are taught in small groups or individually at your school, offer lessons in woodwind, brass, strings, voice, keyboard/piano, guitar, percussion/drum kit and DJing. At the end of the school year the tutor will write a report on the progress of the young musician. Musicians receiving Edsential tuition will have free access to our Music Centres.

Research has proven that academic exam success, positive mental health, improved social and employability skills are all enhanced through learning a musical instrument as well as developing a lifelong love of music.
We are able to invoice either the school or to save admin time for the school we can ‘direct bill’ the parents.


Option 1 Charge to School:

£48.40 + VAT per tutor hour.

This method puts the school in control of timing of lessons and can be more cost effective for parents and families.

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Option 2 Charge to Families

Cost billed to parent/carer (includes VAT). Payment is made directly to Edsential per term, online and in advance.

20 minute individual lesson £14.40

30 minute individual lesson £19.56

Group lesson £7.20


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