The RSPB join us to help inspire a greener generation through the Meadow Song Project

The RSPB join us to help inspire a greener generation through the Meadow Song Project

This Spring, Year 3 teachers from Edsential’s partner schools joined RSPB at the Ness Botanical gardens for a free teacher training workshop thanks to generous funding provided by the RSPB for the ‘MEADOWSONG’ programme. The programme is designed to support Y3 teachers to stage a musical performance, plant a mini meadow to help pollinators, and deliver a rich programme of classroom and outdoor learning on this topic in the summer term.

‘Meadowsong brings Science, English, Art, Music and Dance together to create a spectacle of immersive arts all about nature and meadows.’

The training was delivered by Vicki Alan and Kate Stilitz from RSPB who showed delegates how to introduce wildlife to students and implement activities for this in their settings. The project is being co-ordinated by Helen Chetwood, Music Area Lead at Edsential. Helen said “the power of song and connected learning can provide teachers the opportunity to support biodiversity in creative and active ways.”

A teacher who attended the training said, “I think the children will find the music really inspiring and I’m going to use that to get them to think persuasively about how to take action and create wildflower gardens in our school”.

Schools will be spending the summer term using this free scheme of work to create their own performances at the end of the year. The schools will be given the opportunity to display and exhibit their work at the Ness botanical gardens for the public to visit.

Edsential Musical Routes are committed to giving young people inspiring and aspirational musical opportunities which will help to enhance their education. Like Meadow Song, Edsential offer many other opportunities for their young people that children all across the Wirral and west Cheshire can get involved in.

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